Jamie Hale

Jamie Hale

Friday, November 15, 2013

Answer Key: In Evidence We Trust

Answer key

1- IV: list of words- levels (conditions, groups): names of objects, abstract nouns
    DV: memory
Operationalization of DV: A test was administered to participants that assessed     memory.   The test was administered after participants were exposed to either of the lists of words.  Scores were compared.

2- IV: Presence or absence of drug- levels: received drug, no-drug
     DV: rate of learning
Operationalization of DV: The drug group and no-drug group ran the maze while   observers recorded how many times they had to run before learning.  Different judges recorded and compared their scores (interrater reliability). 

3- IV: Type of room where eating- levels: hot room, cool room
   DV: food consumption
Operationalization of DV: Researchers recorded the amount of food in each room before participants began to eat and after they finished eating.             

4- IV: Presence or absence of soft music- levels: soft music room, no-music room
    DV: plant growth
    Operationalization of DV: Compare the growth of the plants that were grown in each   room.  Baseline measures of plants were taken, and then at the end of the study another measure was taken.

5- IV: type of feedback- levels: told score was good, told score was average
     DV: self esteem
     Operationalization of DV: After receiving feedback participants are given a questionnaire.  The questionnaire is used to assess self-esteem.

1-c  2-b  3-a 4-a  5-b  6-c  7-b  8-c  9-b  10-d

A- 6.67  B- 2.5  C- 2  D- 2  E- 1  F-2

Roberto= 1  Dellis= 0  Pamelisa= -1  Hennis= -1.5