Jamie Hale

Jamie Hale

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Science @ Psych Central

Psych Central provides readers with a wide array of content from various writers. The site is updated on a regular basis- numerous times daily- and produces informative, quality scientific information (emphasizing health sciences). The site is easy to navigate, well organized, and presents scientific information in a way that is relatively easy to comprehend for the layman. However, the site is also useful for individuals with moderate and advanced levels of scientific knowledge. Psych Central is different than many of the popular psych sites. Psych Central promotes REAL PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION- PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE

I am a regular contributor to the site. Some of my recent articles include:
Testimonials Aren’t Real Evidence

Does GRE measure anything related to Grad School?

Why Intelligent People Do Foolish things?

Here is a short list of some excellent articles featured at Psych Central:

Is Science Dead? In a Word: No

Why doctors oversell benefits undersell risks and side effects

2011: The Power of Positive Thinking

Five relationship benefits in knowing how your brain works

There are many, many other excellent articles at Psych Central.

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