Jamie Hale

Jamie Hale

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Seek Discomfort

 Discomfort is part of life. Trying to totally avoid discomfort isn’t reasonable.

I highly recommend checking out Yes Theory   They promote the idea that we should seek discomfort. Their beliefs are in line with current research suggesting that discomfort (distress) can lead to positive outcomes. 

Check out the research from Alia Crum   Her research reveals the impact of stress mindset and how it should be incorporated into a plan for stress optimization. 

Stess Mindset

There is a growing body of research that involves examining how stress mindset influences physiological, behavioral, and cognitive outcomes. Stress mindset is defined as the extent to which one believes stress is either beneficial or debilitating. Believing stress is good or bad matters; preliminary work indicates that the way one perceives stress can have a significant effect on psychological, health, performance, and behavioral outcomes (Crum et al. 2020). full article 

“Stress is a part of everyday life; it can’t be completely avoided. Not all stress is bad stress. How people respond to stress-inducing situations is important to their health, performance, and wellbeing. A stress optimization model is in the early stages of development; further research is needed to flesh out and test components of the model. Researchers hope a fully developed model for stress optimization will provide an approach to stress that provides strategies that will allow people to thrive in the face of stress. “

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